Your pot of gold just waiting to be collected (1/2)

How much more money do you need to really make a change in the world? To go from helping a few people to helping a community or a country?

Let's start at the beginning. You are probably fundraising through Direct Mail right now? Good.

You need to keep recruiting new donors who are older than 55, the current baby boom generation. They have a lifetime ahead to support your organization. And only now do they have some extra money and time to choose an organization that they believe in: the children have left the household, they work less, etc. They're giving new meaning to their lives.

But... don't just recruit new donors, take your current donors on a journey throughout your organization. Maybe they're a donor and a volunteer or they buy goods that you offer or maybe they've been helped by your cause. Depending on their connection to your organization they'll want to connect with you differently.

Once a donor has a good connection with your organization it's time to reach for that pot of gold or better said: make your supporters aware they can make a huge difference in the world. For almost every donor, a gift in their will is the biggest gift they'll ever give. There's only a small group of people who have the financial capability to become a major donor, but everyone can leave a legacy behind.

Who is most likely to include you in your will?

Who should you ask first? Your most loyal donors who don't have children.

You don't know who of your donors have children? Don't worry almost no one does.

So make a selection in your database and include everyone who has given multiple times to your cause. The more they've given, the better, but it’s not necessary to have given recently. They might just have had some medical issues and don't have the financial range to give right now. That doesn't mean they don't care about you anymore.

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Author: Lore Maene Lore Maene
Legacy fundraising expert