Your pot of gold just waiting to be collected (2/2)

The most important question to ask yourself is: do your donors, volunteers, beneficiaries, …  know that you need legacies to change lives?

If the answer is YES, that's great! You’re already reaching for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

You aren’t sure? Look at all the stakeholders you have and who you actively inform and who you don't communicate with about legacies. Make changes where necessary.

No one knows that a legacy gift gives you the opportunity to help others? Start now!


STEP 1: map out your organization.
Who are your stakeholders? Remember: everyone can leave you a legacy!

STEP 2: choose the group you'll focus on first.

Begin with the donors who've supported your organization for a while.

STEP 3: write a legacy proposition.

What will you talk about in your legacy communication?

STEP 4: develop the materials to communicate.
Connect to your donors, board of directors, volunteers, … For example via a brochure, technical support, an emailing campaign, …

STEP 5: make sure following up is part of someone's job.

The stewardship of people who have shown interest in leaving a legacy is the most important part of the process and someone needs to own it.

Yes it’s that easy! Not sure yet? Ask for help developing your strategy and contact WILL. We value what your organization leaves behind in the world.


Author: Lore Maene Lore Maene
Legacy fundraising expert